Friday, November 2, 2007


I am so sick and tired of vehicles!! They always tend to break down on me!! Two weeks ago I had to go out of town for splurge. So I was on my way out of time to pick up my Mom and cousin when my vehicle starts over heating. Crap. I haven't driven the van in two weeks and when I hapen to drive it it acts up. So I manage to get inside the city limits when it really over heats and stalls. Double crap. I had already left late and barely had enough time to get to my family and get out to y cousins house (I made a splurge group with strictly family members for a way to get us together more).

So in the end we had to borrow a vehicle to get there and a couple of days later we had to get Cam's Dad's trailer to go drive an hour to my parents house to pick up the van. So then they went to SGI (a place to buy wrecks for those who don't know) looking for a new engine. Instead they found a newer van for cheap and thought it'd be a better idea to buy that one and fix that one than to just fix the one we already have. Crap. Here we go again. The last one took about 5 months befor ewe had it up and running. So how long is this one going to take?? They say a couple of weeks. For some odd reason I'm doubting it. I'm getting really sick of borrowing vehicles. I just want one that won't break down!! Let me be able to have a vehicle I can rely on!! Grr!! So once this van gets up and running then they'll get the other one fixed up and sell it. As long as they stick with this plan I think I'll be fine. But I swear if I'm going to lose it if those plans change again!! I can only take so much of this!