Monday, November 12, 2007

Remembering My Fish

I seem to have a problem with Mya and my fish tank. She never bothers any other tank in the house (we have five in all) but the one in my room with my three Angelfish. She tends to put stuff in there that just doesn't belong. One day when Cam was supposed to be watching her I came home to find that she had put an umbrella in there. Another day we found a cookie or something along those lines in there. SInce the girls sometimes watch movies in our room, we don't always notice what she's doing it unless Chloe comes and tells on her.

Friday was one of those days. Suddenly Chloe comes running into the living room saying that Mya was feeding my fish. Well that's a bad sign to begin with, so I was on my feet in an instant to see what she was up to. Well it turns out that she was actually feeding them fish food. The problem was that she put in the whole container!! It was brand new, completely full. I don't know off hand exactly the size of it, but it measures about the size of your hand in height and about 3" in diameter.

Next came a time of panic for me as I was trying to clean out tank to give my fish a chance at survival. It took me over an hour to clean that tank. Then I had to hurry up and get ready for our date. By the time we got home I went to go look at how they were doing. Two were floating and the other was struggling on the bottom. We tried to save him by putting him in with the guppies, but he just didn't make it. I had two of my Angels for just over two years and the other one just over three. They are dearly missed, but I would love to get some more Angels soon. I just love these kind of fish, they are truly beautiful.