Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Is It Too Late?

I know that Halloween is already over for a week now, but I finally downloaded my pics onto my computer from my camera, so I'm posting about it now.

This year was a little more exciting this year since Mya could actually trick or treat with her sisters. She was so excited everytime they went up to a door. She would stand there even after they gave her her candy waiting for more. And when I said it was time to go she hurried and got into her stroller, ready to head to the next house. At our friends house she decided that she should fill her own bag with candy, and my friend told me to let her so she didn't have so much leftover candy. Needless to say before she quit she had half of her little pumpkin bag full! Here she little Unicorn.

Then there's Chloe who wanted to be a princess once again. She makes me laugh. So this year I reused to buy them brand new costumes ($30 each is getting a little rediculous for a kids costume) so we went to Value Village (a huge second hand clothing store) to look for something for Madison. Well of course Chloe finds a dress that she absolutely needs to buy for Halloween and won't put it back. So I gave in and said that she could only wear it for Halloween. But now she's saying that it was her costume, but now it's her dress. I'm so embarressed! lol

And then there's Madison. She has always been a princess or a witch, so I offered the idea of her being Pippi Longstocking.
So she had willingly agreed to it, but then to find an outfit for it. I think I did a pretty good job! My mother-in-law had to add a patch (only the yellow one on the pocket) and shorten it a bit, and Madison then had to wear Mya's little diaper panties that came with her dress so her butt wouldn't be hanging out. But we pulled it together.
Then it came time for her hair. Her hair was supposed to be vivid red, but of course I forgot that they're expecting it to be put on a little darker hair than my white-blonde headed daughter. So it came out vibrant orange. Her hair was easier to put up in braids than to find a red hairspray! But honestly her braids were the easiest thing to do. What I did is in each strand of the braid I used red pipe cleaners. Both went up in the first try.

I had a lot of fun this Halloween and am definitely looking forward to next year!! Here's a couple more pics for you to enjoy!

Madison's gr 1 class