Sunday, November 11, 2007


Today is a day of rememberance. Today is a day that I look forward to, to be to remember not only our Veterans, but other lives as well.

Today is a day that I remember my Grandfathers who had both fought in the war and have since past. My Grandpa D served in Canada and was denied the chance to go over seas due to his trigger finger. I never really knew this Grandpa very well since he passed away when I was only eight. What I do remember about him is going to visit him in the home and when he came home to Grandma's for a day visit. He had a stroke when I was a baby and it left him paralyzed and unable to speak. I remember him teasing my brother and I in his talk. "Doh doh doh? Doh Doh!!" He would take our treat bags that we had walked uptown for and pretend that they were meant for him. This is one of the only happy memories I have with him, and I cherish it very much.

My Grandpa S was stationed over seas in a couple of different countries. His first born child was born when he was fighting for our freedom. Grandma still has a bunch of his things from the war. She has his payroll slips, pieces of his uniform, but most importantly, his journals. I have only read a little bit of this, but cried from reading it. It tells about things that he was going through, how happy he was when Grandma mailed a letter to him and when she sent him cigarettes. It talks about when he found out that my uncle was born and what he was feeling. It's a nice thing to have to know more about his life then. But the one thing I will always remember is that he was one of the wounded soldiers. He had been shot during the war, just above his heart. The bullet had gone right through him, the bullet exiting just under the top of his shoulder. Luckily it wasn't fatal in any way. He didn't even get dicharged because of it. I used to think it was incredible when he would show us his scars. It became reality then.

I am very thankful for what these men and women did for us, and I will never forget it. Happy rememberance day to all!!