Thursday, November 15, 2007

Moving On Up

Finally all of the drama happening at Cam's work came to a head. For the last while it has been worse than a soap opera!! For it being a shop of men, I was shocked at all of the drama going on. But it only takes one person to start the ripple, and it spread fast.

On Tuesday the foreman was fired. Honestly it was about time. Laura refers to him as Bellic off of Prison Break, which is the absolute best way to describe him. Due to this guy being fired, the owners had approached Cam about whether or not he would be interested in taking over this posotion. For him to even think about it is huge. This is not something he ever wanted to do. He would always say that he would never take that job because he enjoys doing the actual work. But after some consideration he decided that he should at least try it. He said "How can I get anywhere in life if I'm not even willing to try." I'm very proud of him for at least giving it a shot. Whether he likes it or not will be determined I guess.

But with only officially accepting the job today he has his worries already. He is so scared of becoming the type of person that this other guy was. He's scared of people being pissed off at him getting the job and not them. But most of all he's scared of losing his friends over it. I can't see this happening, since I could never imagine him becoming "that guy". I'm really hoping that it will be a smooth transition into this position and that his worries will soon be settled.

I have so much pride and faith in this man and I know that he can do this job. He doesn't talk down to the guys and actually takes time to talk to them. I feel that it's something that he was meant to do. Now I just have to be there to support him through this, which I will do very willingly.