Saturday, November 10, 2007

Movie Review

After all that research and getting pumped up for We Own The Night, I must say that I am pretty disappointed with it. The trailor for it looks awesome and full of action. I found the movie wasn't what I was expecting. The characters did well in their roles, but I've seen Mark Wahlberg in better roles than this. It never seemed to have a really high climax moment. I kept waiting for it to get really intense, but it never really did.

Another thing that bothered me about it was how it never really had an ending. One of those that leaves you wondering if that was seriously how they were leaving it. I really don't think it's because there will be a sequel either. It just ended and I think that's how it'll stay, unfinished. For it being a two hour long movie I expected a really good ending. Oh well. I think I'd give it a 3 or 3.5/5. Not the best movie I've seen, but it wasn't horrible either.

Sorry if that disappoints anyone, but hey, it's the truth. Now my sister is just going to rent it when it comes out instead of seeing it in the theater.

I love the new Galaxy theaters though!! Beautifully done!