Sunday, November 4, 2007

Let It Snow!

So tonight it has decided that it wants to snow!! For once I am actually looking forward to it!! Now that Halloween is over and was snow free I want to see a little white on the ground. If it's going to be cold let's see a small white blanket on there as well.

So tomorrow a few guys from Cam's work are taking the day off to go fishing. I think they're nuts. It's snowing tonight and is only supposed to reach -2 celsius (about 28F for those who don't know our format) and windy. They're going to freeze their butts off! And I'm going to be sitting here all nice and warm! Guess they must be pretty hard core to still be willing to go out. I do hope they have a good time though. Hopefully Brad can catch more fish than Cam this time, or at least be close in the running!! lol