Tuesday, June 24, 2008

3 More Days and some drama...

I am getting restless waiting for our fishing trip to Reindeer Lake to come!! In three days we leave!! But with it comes a lot of work that HAS to be done. The girls are leaving tomorrow night so I'll be home by myself Thursday to finish getting Cam and I organized. So now I'm trying like crazy to catch up on laundry and find bathing suits, etc... But I really wanted to get this done yesterday, but then there came compilcations....

On the weekend I found a note under the wiper of the van telling me about the work they'd be doing on my street replacing hydrants and stuff. With that said they continued to tell us that our water would be shut off for three hours starting at 8:00am. So I patiently waited for it to come back on so I could wash clothes and do some dishes... but needless to say it was longer than three hours!! It was more like 6-7!! So that totally squashed my plans and we had ball last night so it couldn't be done. Now is a day to play catch up. Blah.

But on the plusside we had our church picnic on Saturday. We had a lot of fun, played some games, and even put Mya in the three legged race with a little boy...So cute.

Also it was our towns sports days that day. We took the girls on pony rides and other fun events for them. I had to walk with Mya when she was riding and she really seemed to enjoy laughing at me walking through the horse poop. I really didn't mind since I was always around horses growing up and kinda got used to it.

But that was a long enough break I guess. Time to get back to laundry!! I'll post again when we get back next Thursday!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Kevin S (5/365)

You were always the easiest cousin to talk to growing up. You were always so full of life and love for everyone around. I don't think I ever saw you get mad. When I became an "adult" we seemed to become closer. We had more in common then. I was really looking forward to going fishing with you this summer, something we had in common but never had the chance to do. The last time you were out here fishing I couldn't go with since I was going on my honeymoon. I remember getting your reply for my wedding and I remember crying because it meant so much that you and your family would drive all that way to be there. You were one of my last dances at my wedding and I will treasure that forever. I miss you cuz and I just pray that you are at peace.

Justin D (4/365)

We were always close growing up. It always seemed to be me and you vs. Kerry. In high school you started hanging out with me and my friends and then you finally seemed to find your groove. I never minded that you were around, it was a lot of fun. I find it funny that you're still friends with all of my friends that I don't talk with anymore.

You've seem to have changed in the last few years. You badly hurt your arm and then you never seemed to recover emotionally. But it's not only that. You've hurt me by one simple action that I can't forgive you for. I cannot understand how you can be friends with the guy that is Madison's dad who didn't want to be a father. I felt so betrayed when I found out that you were still talking and still are.

I Just Wanna Dance!!

Since going to the cabaret last weekend I've had the dancing itch!! I danced with a couple of friends there and I didn't realize that they actually KNEW how to dance!! Man could they dance!! We were two stepping and spinning, and I was being dipped left and right!! It's been a long time since I've danced with someone who actually knows how to dance. Incase you didn't clue in already, Cam does not know how to dance. He doesn't even have the desire to learn, which is very sad. I love to dance and am doing good if I can get him to dance with me a couple of times when we go to a dance, and that includes slow songs. I had started teaching him to do oldtime dancing, but now at most weddings they don't play those songs anymore!! That makes me very sad.

I grew up in a family that loved to dance. No matter what you were on the dance floor. Whether you knew how or not, you would learn. At weddings I would love watching my parents waltz or polka. They're such beautiful dances. But now it's just not the same going to weddings or dances. No one seems to know how to dance these days!! Even to just two step is a challenge. It drives me nuts to go to a dance and see all of these guys just sitting around drinking because they don't know how to dance and don't really care to try!! So I find it hard to go to a country dance and not have anyone to dance with. But this last weekend I was making people dance even if they didn't know how. Was I ever shocked.

I don't understand why people don't want to learn. What is it about dancing that makes them want to hide in the sidelines?? It's great excercise and I think it's sexy when a guy can dance. Damn it makes me feel sexy!! I haven't been dipped or twirled for a long time and it felt damn good!! My toes weren't killing me after each dance either!! I have a feeling that for the next dance I go to, I'm going to have higher expectations for people to dance or end up sucking it up and go ask someone I don't know to dance just so I don't end up leaving depressed because I did want to dance that night, but ended up sitting on the sidelines.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Book Meme

I just read at Teeni's blog a book meme. I then wanted to do it right away! Last week I was busy going through my whole house trying to find things to sell in the garage sale when I came across a bunch of my old VC Andrews books. I just happened to be in between books, so I thought I would start reading one of the series again.

Here are the rules:

Step One – pull out a book on the book shelf.

Step Two – go to page 123.

Step Three – read and write out the 5th sentence

So the book I'm reading is Heaven, by VC Andrews. I'm doing both lines 4 & 5 because line 5 just doesn't cut it. You'll see why in a second.

"But Keith had a good appetite, even if he oes catch cold often, and they both have nightmares, so leave on a little light so the dark won't frighten them..."

"Shut up," hissed Pa again.

This book is about a girl and her family that were extremely poor and at this point they were sending her siblings to live with another family.

I love this book. I always get into them so quickly, no matter what.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oops! Forgot!

Hello everyone! I finally have time to write on here! I feel like my life has been quite the gong show since spring started. With ball well underway, I find that we barely have time for anything. It's at the point where we have something going every day of the week, especially the weekends. Madison had won a voucher to go see the Saskatchewan Roughriders pre-season game, and we had to ask my brother if he would take the girls because that day just didn't work out for us. I just want this next month to go by fast so I don't have any commitments to things.

Here are a few of the things that we've been up to:

~ball (of course)
~cabaret (which was awesome!! much better band this year!)
~fishing, must get in some practice time before we go to Reindeer Lake in 2 1/2 weeks
~garage sale
~field trips
~trying out the Turbo Sonic x7 and have been loving it!! more details later
~doing hair on the side
~talking with my cousin who's best friend just passed away
~being a ref in the girls fights

One thing that has happened is that I have lost weight and inches!! I am so proud of myself! I'm fitting into my jeans that were very tight in winter, the legs of my pants/shorts aren't tight at all anymore and my bras are all being doneup tighter! But the thing that makes this crappy is that I'm the only one who's noticed any difference (I promise I'm not hinting at anything Laura!!). I haven't used my inhaler at all while playing ball and I find that I can play the full two games without feeing like I'm going to pass out. I really believe that the turbo sonic has helped me with this. It just helps you body absorb more things and helps with your oxygen as well.

I have also found more of a love for my flowerbeds. I have put ore work into them this year than I ever have and it's paying off. Last year I got smart and started putting in perenials and added some more this year. I keep waiting to be able to take a picture, but for some odd reason my flowers keep disappearing (wonder who would be doing that?). So my goals for this summer is to find more things are for me that I like to do, be a healthier me, be outside more and to make sure that my legs get tanned!! I find that my pains aren't nearly as bad as what they were before, which is helping out alot. I found it so hard to be able to do anything before because all of a sudden I would be hurting so bad that I would just go back and veg on the couch until Madison got home from school. But now I'm vowing not to do that and to make sure that I make the most of this beautiful weather while it's here.