Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Over Half Way There!!

So today Cam and his Dad took our "new" van for its structural safety today. It passed and now we just have to take it in for the other safetying. I am kind of dreading this one. This is the one we had trouble with last time. We had an ABS light that wouldn't go off even after changing everything we needed to. Luckily the ABS light isn't on in this van, and are hoping that there isn't much, if anything to do on this one. So hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll have a vehicle of my own once again!!

Another thing that I'm getting excited about is that some of our renovations might start once again. Right now every room in our house is unfinished. Our entry way and half of our kitchen is plywood floors at the moment. Cam's going to be prepping the ceiling and walls to get it ready for mud & taping, then paint and flooring!! It was a goal of ours to have this done for Christmas, but it was put aside once again due to our van problems. So to hear that this is probably going to be started this weekend makes me very happy!! I can't wait to see some progress on this!