Saturday, November 3, 2007

Steel Magnolias

Last night my sister and I took in a play that was put on by the Canadian Diabetes Association. That's one organization that we like to support due to my Dad being a type 1 diabetic. Over the last couple of years he has had to take a needle a couple of times a day to help with this. So if there is something for us to do to support this cause we do.

So the play that they put on was Steel Magnolias, due to it having a character who is a diabetic. I can honestly say that the play was not as good as the movie, but it was still good. It consisted of only 6 characters (the main 6 of course!) which was nice since it didn't make the play too busy. I just wish the one playing Truvy (the hairdresser played by Dolly Parton in the movie) would've actually had her hair done nicely!! Pet peeve, sorry!!

All of the actresses did a good job (all but one who sounded a little too scripted for my liking!) and with the added humor in the play, it was a very entertaining three hours. Come the end there were many people weeping, and no I was not one of them!!

But my favorite part of the evening was actually being able to have a night out with my sister. We don't get to do this very often and actually haven't really done anything like this ever before! We were never close growing up, so it's nice to do something like this with her. The play ended at about 11:00pm so we decided to go to the casino for a bit. Needless to say I didn't win it big!! We ended up staying there for just over an hour and walked out with the same amount of money we walked in with. So of course we had to go somewhere else and spend it!! lol So we decided to go for a little bite to eat and visit a little bit more. I can proudly say that we made it through the whole night without a fight!! I was actually quite shocked!! I know it's bad to say, but it isn't often that she doesn't get mad about something, so to see her actually relaxed for a whole night was quite a treat. I really hope that we have many more nights like this. This is how I want our relationship to be.