Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Night...

In our church we have a "Prayer Sister's" group that I am a part of. What we do is in January we get together and draw names for someone that we will pray for for the next year. We have a guest speaker and some refreshments to follow. Usually we do the "reveal" that night as well, but this year we decided to try something different. We decided that we would reveal who we had a couple of months earlier so we have the chance to get together for coffee if we so choose.

Just over a week ago I got a shocking e-mail from a friend of mine saying that she was my prayer sister! I was completely shocked!! Chances of one of my friends drawing my name is very unlikely. So tonight we went out for some coffee and dessert (even though I don't drink coffee). We had a really good time with it being just the two of us. It gave us a chance to talk, which is something we rarely get to do.

What else I find interesting is that over the last couple of years I've been drawing her families names. First I had her Mom and then her Grandma and this year I drew her Aunt. But I recently learned that her Aunt is going through a really trying time with her faith and I find myself asking questions that shouldn't even be crossing my mind. I feel bad that I'm more worried about what to do when January comes and trying to figure things out about this than actually worrying about her. I am going completely against what this group is about.

I feel bad but in the same sense is it totally wrong of me? There is only so much that I can do. I just feel bad for all parties involved and hope that something good can come out of this situation. Whether you have faith or not, you always tend to hope for the best out of any situation.