Friday, November 9, 2007

Holy Crap!!! Ahhhh!!!!

This would be one of those days when I hate the career I had chosen for myself. I was so excited to go out that I forgot to think that I would actually be going out in public!! It seems these days that the only time I go out is to go shopping or to church. Seriously, how much effort do these people really put into their appearance?? But going out on a Friday night is totally different for me. It means that I have to look even better than I usually do so I don't feel like crap when I go out.

So about half an hour ago I started doing my hair. But now I have to take a break because I'm frustrated!! If I was anybody else I would've been happy with my hair about 20 minutes ago, but no. I had to be a haridresser and over critique myself. Crap. Now I'm finding a bump here, a limp spot there. Or great. Now it's over curly! Now I look like I'm in a wedding. Crap. Now what? Maybe I should quit spraying so much so it can still move around!! Stupid. Grrr. Well what if I pin it here? Nope, that won't work. Hmm. Well what if... Nope. Not that either. Sigh. Okay, that works! Now what should I do with my bangs?? Maybe I should cut them. No. Hmm.

I really think it was time to take a bit of a sit down break. So here I am, rethinking everything I've done to my hair. I really do take too much pride in my hair sometimes. I wish I could just throw it up and be happy with it ALL of the time! There are many days that I can do that, but today just doesn't seem to be one of those days. Now I'm down to an hour to finish getting myself ready, feed the girls, get them dressed and out the door to the grandparents house they go!! Sheesh. Well wish me luck! I'll post a picture of how my hair turned out later!!

Happy Friday everyone!!