Sunday, December 2, 2007

And So It Begins

Yesterday was the beginning of our Christmas festivities. It was my Christmas party with our Ladies Aide group from church. We got together at one of their houses for an hor d'ourves supper. Many people (husbands mainly) were worried about whether or not they would be able to get full off of that, but the women definitely brought enough to make sure that was possible. There was so much food there like ham and cheese puffs, salads, spring rolls, nachos and tortilla rolls. I completely forgot to take a picture of our spread though. But there were a lot of left overs and a lot of full people.

Altogether there were 25 of us there. Makes for a busy house. After supper we did a Chinese gift exchange, but with recycled gifts from home. I didn't do so well with drawing #2. I ended up with a puzzle that I can't use due to my girls. Cam also ended up with a puzzle but he gave it to his grandma. We ended the night with some games, everyone breaking off to find their favorites. I started out with Taboo, I have never played that game before!! My team won and we were so proud! Then came the ever popular Skip-bo. I am honestly getting sick of that game, but who am I to just sit around watching other people play? I like playing games, but it seems everytime that we're with Cam's family we play it. So I think I am in definite need of a break from it.

So from now until early January we are busy. So many things to do during this time of year. I just need to remember to take a break and sit down and relax. I tend to got so wound up during this time that I forget to do that.