Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Kerry D.

Well, now what can I say about you? You have been on my mind alot lately. You are my only sister and I think we can both say that we never got along growing up. It always seemed like you were out to ruin my fun, telling me I wasn't allowed to have a party even though Mom & Dad had said it was okay. You never seemed like you wanted to be your own person, happy to follow the lead of others around you. But now you're finally showing who the real YOU is. You have lightened up alot and are actually making friends and having a social life of your own. I wish that you would find someone who truly makes you happy, but at the same time I feel like you need to grow up a bit more and do things on your own. Moving out on your own, away from Mom & Dad's would do you a world of good. I think it's something that you need to do in order to find yourself and some independence.

I want nieces and nephews, but not sure if that is in the cards for you. I see the way you are with my girls and it makes me sad to think about this. You are so happy when you are around kids, you just light up. I just hope that wherever your life takes you, that you'll be happy and have no regrets.