Friday, December 14, 2007

Silent Night

And now the story!!

The reason I posted this commercial ad is a couple of reasons. I love the babies and think that it is the cutest thing. But the main reason is that at any time during the day, this commercial comes on. All of a sudden you hear these little feet pounding on the floor, running as fast as they can to get into the living room to watch this commercial. Mya is so inlove with it that she needs to run into the room and watch it every time! Then she gets so excited yelling "Baby!! Baby!! hehe" Once it's over she runs back to wherever it was she was before and carries on like nothing happened. It is just so adorable. When I found it on youtube she was right beside me. I think I played it at least 5x just for her before I could get her to leave.

So that's my little story, a little delayed but it got here!