Monday, December 10, 2007

Suspicous Meme

I was tagged quite awhile ago to do this meme, and I honestly forgot about it! Not completely, but just which meme it was that I was tagged in. So I started a search and finally found it, then I suddenly remembered! Now to think of what my suspicions might be!

~Cars parked in front of my house. I live across from a field and the only people who would park in front of my house would be visitors. So when someone parks there and doesn't come to the door, I sit peeking out my window, until I figure it out.

~My girls. What are they doing now? What are they hiding behind their backs?

~When a room goes quiet. Who did what to make it like that? Was it me? What are they thinking?

~An unknown number on my phone that I think I should know. I'll look it up usually to put my mind at rest.

~When something goes missing. Trying to pinpoint who might've taken it. where it would go.

~Cam's dreams. Every once in awhile he'll talk in his sleep. It's so funny when he does this!! But he never remembers his dreams! I've maybe heard about 15 of his dreams since we've been together because he doesn't remember them. How can it be possible not to remember??