Thursday, December 6, 2007

10 Good Things Meme

So I was tagged by Teeni, so I am willingly doing it now. There's always room for a positive post!

All you have to do is list 10 things about the day that are good, then tag as many or as few people as you want. So ten good things for me today are:

1. The day started with a great start, a kiss AND a hug from my hubby.
2. I ate a good breakfast, Shreddies.
3. I got Madison out the door in time for school so she wouldn't be late. Some mornings she can make this a challange.
4. I can do some stuff on the computer since Chloe and Mya are playing really well.
5. Chloe found an old picture of Cam, Laura & I that I haven't seen in years.
6. I'm going to do some Christmas shopping.
7. I'm healthy. No headaches and nothing else to complain about.
8. My Mom & Sister phoned saying that they're in for making cookies tomorrow.
9. It's NOT snowing!! And it's a cloudless, beautiful blue sky day!
10. Seeing invites to parties. It may be a busy month, but at least I have people around me to do things with. Starting tomorrow!! Can't wait! Planning my appetizer already!!

Now here are the people I’d like to tag for this meme:


I think that you three will be able to find many positive things. No pressure on posting right away! Whenever you get the chance or are in need of a positive mood.

Anyone else interested in participating, feel free! But please leave me a comment so I can come check it out!