Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What Is It With Some People???

Seriously!! I just went for a walk to take my daughters to the babysitters (I'm supposed to be cleaning this afternoon. But in my defense I'm eating my lunch right now and venting!!). On my way home there were some people out walking their dog which was fine, of course that's not where I had the problem. The problem was when they stopped and let their dog crap on the road in front of someone's house!! I'm sorry but there's a field right across the street!! And to make matters worse, they just walked away without cleaning it up!! Couldn't even put it off to the side where people wouldn't step in it! Grrrr....

So I'm walking past them now, not saying anything, and the woman just looks and me and keeps on walking. It was a grown woman and a boy that looked like he should've been in school!! When they were just a little bit behind me I heard her say "I guess we should get a bag." Uhh, yeah!! Don't tell me that thought JUST crossed your mind! That did it for me and I just started walking faster and hurried home to vent on here. I just hope they actually go back and clean it up, but wouldn't be surprised if they didn't.