Monday, October 8, 2007

Is it really just us???

So this is a much needed vent post. I bet Laura is already laughing because she knows what it's about!!

So we were at the in-laws for our Thanksgiving meal today. I had got there about three hours before everyone else so the kids could play and so I could help out a bit with supper like I usually do. Now don't get me wrong here. I like doing this. By the time supper came around, people were late (which was fine), people are busy doing their own thing, kids are cranky (or getting hurt which I'll post about tomorrow) and I am starting to get tired. Finally supper gets underway. By this time I am getting pretty hungry. Just hurry up and let me eat already!!! But the meal was worth waiting for. Turkey and the works!! Yum. But it's what happened after supper that's got me all worked up. This happens every time!! Everyone is so happy to come over for a meal, but no one ever is willing to help out!! Why is this?? Seriously!! Is it that hard to help clear the table an dput a few things away???? There are 10 adults!! But it always seems to be the same people helping out. There's Mom-in-law, myself and Laura mainly that get off our butts to help out so we can enjoy some dessert. Cam will help out and so will Brad, but no one else seems to think that they should even lift a finger to help out. By this time I'm getting a little grouchy because it happens all of the time. So we finally get most of the things cleared and of course it's up to us to get the desserts ready. But heaven forbid that they actually have to get off their butts and serve themselves!! I noticed that not as many seconds happened because of this. Then of course I'm sitting down and enjoying it and my tea when our niece comes in and says that Mya is gettin a little smelly, so I tell Cam to go change her. Well this became a little fight (hehe) and he ended up going to change her. Well, I couldn't believe the reactions!! My M-I-L said "Well why don't you go help him?" I said no, he could do it himself (seriously, how often do I get help changing her??? not often at all!! And this was my time to sit down for a bit!) Then his eldest brother had to pipe in over other comments. Now, I have enough trouble with this guy and his snide remarks most of the time, but today he just pissed me off at the wrong time. I can't remember EXACTLY what he said, but it was something along these lines "Well there isn't a reason why you can't go help him" (said in that voice that just ticks me off). That was the last straw. Here I am already pissed off because there's more stuff to be done and no one was moving and I wasn't about to be the first to jump at it. THen he makes this comment and until then I was trying to bite my tongue. Suddenly my mouth flew open and I couldn't stop the words that were coming out of my mouth. I think it was something along the lines of "Well there isn't a reason why you can just sit here and not help with anything!!" I couldn't believe that actually came out of my mouth. I was in shock!! I was glad that it finally came out (it's been brewing in there for YEARS!!!) and wasn't quite sure whether or not I would get a bunvh of nasty glares or not. But I was even more shocked by the response!! All of a sudden I hear a "Thank You!!" and look over to see Laura trying not to laugh and giving me a wink. I really didn't care if I would have gotten everyone pissed off of me or not, it just needed to be said. Damn I felt good after that!! It ws amazing that after I got up and started cleaning up again that there were a couple new hands helping out in the kitchen!! All I know is that's one of the first times that I've ever been able to shut him up and get a little help in return.

But I'm not going to get too excited for when our next function comes around. I would like to say that I'm just going to sit on my butt and let someone else do the work, but that would be a lie. Nothing would ever get done that way, unless M-I-L did it all herself. Sigh.

So tell me, does this seriously only happen to us?? Is there any hope for the future?? Whatever may come, I feel very proud of myself and feel much better after venting.