Monday, October 1, 2007


The Thankful meme...thank you Laura!!

it's very simple: The purpose is to list 6-8 things that you are thankful for then tag 5 others to list what they’re thankful for.

So here it goes in no certain order!

1. Family. I have to be thankful for my family. I was blessed with a very loving husband, wonderful kids (90% of the time!) and a caring family (both mine and in-laws). I love being around family, there is no greater feeling. Without them I would be comepletely lost.

2. Games. Whether it's bord games, card games or some kind of system I love them all for the entertainment they bring me and my family!! They're such a wonderful way to get together, to get to know ech other better or just quality time together.

3. Freedom. For this I am truly thankful. The freedom to write, sing, laugh. The freedom of being at home with my girls and not having to worry about working. The freedom to be me.

4. My hair. I love, love, love my hair!! I love how I can change it to how I'm feeling. How just changing your hair cna make you look like a totally different person. I love how you can change your color, cut or style and not worry about if you're stuck with that look forever. I love how forgiving hair is! Screw it up, hey wear a hat!! It'll grow back!!

5. Partylite. I am grateful for them to give me the opportunity to work for them. I love that I work on my schedule. That I can offer people wonderful products for next to nothing!! I love that I can get awesome smelling candles for cheap! I am thankful to be able to stay home with my girls and still earn an income working only a couple of hours a week or however often I choose to work.

6. Books. I am thankful for all books. They help you bond with your children, learn new things, visit different worlds, etc.. It's amazing how reading a good book can ease my stress and just relax me. I am very thankful to all that write!!

7. Phones. I would be lost without my phone. It allows me to be able to talk to my family and friends without having to be with them all of the time. To be able to get a phone call to know how people are doing, if Cam's going to be late, whatever the reason. Just to have that line of communication is a life saver.