Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So today Chloe got me back to thinking about the simple things and thoughts that we may be missing in our lives. Sometimes I feel that we are all too busy and always wanting the big things in life. How often do we want something simple? What sparked this train of thought was when Chloe was watching one of her tv shows. Suddenly she said "Mom I wish I could be in a bubble". The characters on tv were blowing bubbles and one of them ended up getting stuck inside one of them. Well she thought that was just the coolest thing ever! Screw the toys she had seen on tv, now she just wants to be inside a bubble!!

For me I always find myself wanting more. I need a new pair of pants, I need a spa day, a night out, etc... SO now I sit here and think about the simple things that I often want as well. A nice hot bath with candles lit, a quiet night with my husband watching a movie or playing a game, a day when my hubby is in one of his goofy/ticklish moods and will actually let down his guard and just laugh, to be able to go out fishing and just enjoy the beauty around me. I would be so happy to be able to do these things more often rather than get caught up with the busyness of life. Instead I find myself sitting at home and wanting a night out, go out for supper AND a movie, do some travelling, etc... I just want to try to add a couple simple things to my weekly routine. If I could do that then it would be nice.