Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bring On The Snow!!

So today is a very blah day for me. Fall is really making itself at home. Today I went to go do my MIL's hair and while there it really started to rain. But Ever so slowly little flakes of snow started making their way to the ground. Eventually it was a nice mix of the stuff, along with sleet. I love winter, but I don't like how wet it makes everything when this weather first comes around. I love nice light snow falls and light rain showers, just not together.

Today was also the start of an afterschool program in our town. It's such a good thing. Kids from ages 6-12 can go there from 3:30pm-6:00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays and get help with their homework, make crafts, play some games or sports, etc... They provide a healthy snack for all who go to help them get through until supper time. And the best thing about this is that it's FREE!!! There are so many kids in this town that go home to an empty house that aren't even of age to do that. I just really hope that these parents take advantage of this program. But of course there had to be a problem right? So I had promised that I would take Madison and her friend Madison (it gets very confusing!! They're both Madison H's as well!!) to this thing. Well I didn't know that it would be raining/snowing today!!! I also didn't know that I wouldn't have a vehicle available so I could drive them either!! So here I am, walking the two blocks to the youth center, with four little girls with broken umbrellas, jumping over puddles in the rain!! It must've looked pretty funny. We had a good walk and I am very thankful that we don't live too far from there!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather and the cold season!! I'm tryign to avoid the colds, but have a feeling that it'll catch up to me. Ugh.

And did I mention that my glasses broke again today?? Yeah, the arm came right off!! Great! Good thing I got a fresh supply of contacts five days ago!! lol