Monday, October 15, 2007

My Darling Daughter

Due to the preschool being full in our town, I have been trying to teach my four year old daughter, Chloe, some basics that she'll need for preschool. She has started to learn how to write her name (which is going much better than I thought!), holding a pencil properly, coloring, crafts and cutting properly with scissors. So on Friday I bought her a brand new pair of scissors just for her.

She was so proud of new brand new scissors and was willing to cut anything I asked. But then we decided to take a break until after supper. It was as I was getting ready to go get it (we splurged on lasagna) that I noticed something was a little bit different about her. This is where my hairdressing instincts kicked in. Right away I noticed her hair, and how she had cut it on both sides!! I was so mad!! This isn't the first time she cut her hair (the first time her hair was dirty, and we just about had it grown out!!), so this made it a little worse. Needless to say that after only having her scissors for half a day, they were quickly taken away.

After I had calmed down a bit more, I talked to Cam about it and we decided that she had to get her hair cut short. She had given herself a mullet that I just couldn't stand to look at. Here are some visuals for you!

So then came the time to tell her what would happen. She was furious!! She was freaking out so hard that I couldn't even get close to her hair!! She had both hands gripped to her hair in the back that if I pulled on her arms she would've ripped out some hair! Finally I took her aside and talked to her about it. She was scared that I was going to cut her hair as short as Mya's...

So I explained that it wouldn't be that short and showed her how much would be taken off,etc... She was actually excited once she understood. So this is the end result...

I have no idea how she can pull off any style (except mullets!!) but she does! It makes me jealous! But she loves her hair now. She's very happy about it and so am I. I'm also happy to see that some of her curl is coming back. This is definitely a time that I am glad to be a hairdresser!!