Monday, October 1, 2007

The "Amazing Race" weekend

So this past Saturday Cam & I participated in a fundraiser in our town for minor ball. It was the "Amazing Race" followed by supper and a dance. The race ended up being a lot of fun and I'm very glad that we decided to do it!! There were a series of events that we had to do. We ended up driving all around our great rural areas and did some things we would never do otherwise. We were in teams of four and it depended on the activity if only one or more people were involved. Here are some of our events..

Our first event was peddling these Dino Cars around a 400m track. The boys were dead tired by the time they finished, but we ended up passing the team in front of us because of them!!

Another event involved Cam throwing this stick to knock off a pumpkin sitting on a fence. It took a couple tries, with two of us retrieving his sticks (one guy got hit in the eye on a bounce!! He looked rough come the dance!!) and trying to throw the
back to him without nailing on-lookers!!

We also had to choose one person to participate in this event. They then had to choose between a creamy delight or crammed in a can. Karen had to do this one due to everyone having to equally participate. Turns out the can one was eating TWO cans of sardines!! She couldn't do creamy delight due to a chocolate allergy (you had to eat a whole chocolate pie!!).

Then you had to pick two people who had to decide between up,up up or dig for something small. They chose up up up, otherwise they'd have to dig in a gravel pile for some colored rocks. This was their challenge....

Then a puzzle that ended up spelling eye of the needle...

Then came other events like sewing a pillow together, filling a wheel barrow fromt he river with two cups then filling a barrel to a certain point. I think it was harder running back up the hill from the river than doing the actual task!! lol Then there was one about road signs.

The very last task was hitting baseballs from a batting machine. Cam gladly took on this task and made his 3 hits in only 4 pitches!!! So much pride in my hubby!!

We had so much fun doing the race that it made up for the supper and dance. In the end we placed 7th out of 16 teams. Every team was so close that placings came down to seconds. We were only 4 minutes off of first place!! Gives us more determination for next year!! You can count on us doing it again!!