Saturday, October 27, 2007

How Chloe Got Her Name...

So when I was pregnant with Chloe, Cam & I were trying to pick out names. Our way of doing this was going through a book of names and writing down the ones we liked. Well as he was going through my list he had said "Well I like Isabelle better than Shlo". I just kinda sat there for a minute thinking Shlo?? Where did he get that name from? So I asked him, and he pointed to Chloe. How he got Shlo out of Chloe I have no idea since Ch never makes a shh sound!! Everyone found it hilarious, but Laura was the one who made it stick as a nickname.

Then in the past six months she started going by other names as well. One day her name was Jade (a Bratz name, but also her middle name), and the next day her name was Jasmine. Then as we started talking to Laura more on the computer Chloe decided that she didn't like being called Shlo. Of course Laura said that was too bad. By the time her birthday came around Chloe came to a conclusion that she should be called Shlo Jasmine. So that is now her name (besides Chloe of course!) that she wants to be called. She laughs when Laura calls her Shlo because then she thinks that her Auntie forgot her name!

For her birthday this year I decided to make her cake. I ended up making two so there would be enough for both families, and also one was chocolate and the other was white. I had decorated one and Laura did the other one for me. One was for Chloe and the other was for Shlo Jasmine.

So there is the story of Chloe's many names.