Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Something Good Should Be On The Way....

So here I was, writing in my blog last week, looking forward to a beautiful weekend at the lake. Just me and my family, away from everything chaotic. Problem free, right? Oh how wrong I was!! Let's start by saying that whomever said that bad luck comes in three's is totally wrong!! It came in more that a set of three for us!! So here is a run down of our rotten luck!! (And welcome to y first blog posting with photos!!)

So on Friday we were getting ready to go to the lake, just Cam & I for this night. Go to Damour Lake, fish and then tent it there for that night. We ended up leaving just about two hours later than originally planned, which was fine. Got to the lake and fished for a couple of hours with only four catches. That's pretty slow fishing for that lake. Guess the fish just didn't like us. So by the time we gave up on them it was already starting to get dark. We still had to load up the boat, pick a site and set up camp. We didn't get our tent set up until after 10pm and it was dark by this time. So there we are, setting up a tent (we had only done this once before with this tent, totally different style from what we know) with a little LED lantern. As we were managing to get it up I noticed some holes in the sides of the tent. Some were the size of my hand. Apparently some mice had decided to sharpen their teeth in it. We had three big holes in the sides and four other holes in the bottom of our tent. So we patched it up with some duct tape. Quick fix that works. We were in bed sometime after 11pm and were sleeping on a very hard, uneven ground. Bad sleep. Then I woke up at 2am to the sound of rain on our tent....
"Cam it's raining."
"Yeah, I know" sigh, sigh, toss turn.
This went on for about half an hour. Then it started raining harder, which usually isn't a big deal BUT the road we drove in on consists of very steep clay roads. If it rains too much there is no getting out. With a truck and a boat you're bound to get stuck. And this is not a well known lake. The only people around are on the farms. There are no cabins and the most you'll see on the lake is two boats at a time. So if we get stuck we're screwed.
"You're not going to sleep anyways so we may as well pack up and get out of here."
"Yeeaaahhh. May as well."
So there we are at 2:30am packing up our tent in the rain and loading all our gear up. We were so glad we left when we did because the roads were already pretty mucky and getting hard to drive on. So we decided to go to another, not so known lake that Cam went to with his Grandpa growing up. We didn't really know our way there, but were willing to try. After just about hitting 10 deer to get there, and a wrong turn later we made it. So by just after 3 we got to go back to sleep in the front seat of the truck.

We awoke at 7am to the sound of another truck coming into the lake. Low and behold it was his Uncle. There they are talking right behind the truck while I'm in the cab trying to sneakily put my bra back on without them seeing me!! How embarressing!! So we got our muffins packed and got ready to head out on the lake for sme fishing. Earl gets his boat in and started up and we say we'll meet him out there. Well that was the plan until our boat decided not to work. Dead battery among other problems. So we decide to take the battery out of the truck so we can still go fishing, but somehow the bolt part breaks. Now that battery doesn't work either so we are without a battery for the boat and the truck!! So we sat there waiting for Earl to come back in from fishing to devise a plan of attack. He ended taking out his battery to boost our truck (no one had booster cables) and then putting ours back in. After letting the truck run for half hour to recharge the battery and load the boat back up, Earl took us out fishing for a couple o hours.

By the time we were done fishing the weather had turned ugly. Winds had picked up quite a bit and it just wasn't suitable for camping. So we cancelled our first night at the lake with the girls and hung out at my parents house that night.

We left early the next morning to go out fishing again, but with the girls this time. Sad to say that once again the boat didn't work, and it wasn't due to the battery this time. Fuel line problem. But when Cam finally got that fixed, the battery died. Grr... So we loaded the boat again and went to the lake we were camping at. We ended up getting it to work that night and parked it at Earls cabin. the next morning when Cam tried to get it started it wouldn't go. So when I was bringing the truck to the boat launch I saw him paddling the boat across the lake. Yay. So we had had enough by this time. Loaded up the boat, packed up camp and went home. We weren't even half way home when this car pulled up beside us on the highway flagging us down. Apparently we blew a tire on the trailer. "Well that explains why the truck was driving funny". Nice. Real nice. I wasn't allowed to take a photo of it though. He got a little ticked at me for trying. So Cam and his dad had to unload the car trailer so they could go back and pick up the boat.

But not all was bad. There were some really fun parts to our weekend too.

The night we spent at my parents was also my brothers birthday. So we ended up celebrating the night with him when he finally got off work at 7pm.

Fur Lake

The kids played at the park...

Went swimming in the freezing cold water...

When we did end up going fishing...

One last trip to the park...

So in some ways I'm glad the weekend's over, but at the same time we did have fun. We got to do some visiting with family we don't see too often and we also did some fun stuff as a family.