Monday, September 17, 2007

Just One Of Those Days

Do you ever have a day when you want to do something but don't know what to do? I feel like I've had too many of these lately. My life is starting to feel a little too routine, and I think a minor change may be needed. I have a couple of plans in the works, but I have some work to do in order to get there.

First things first. I want to get in shape. I was talking with Audrey (the secretary at Cam's work) last week and she wanted to join our local gym. There's a special on right now that if you join with a friend for a year it's $25/month. There is no sign up fee and I love going to this gym. So I told her to give me a call if she decided to join. (I was a member for just over a month when my vehicle decided it wanted to go to the that ended that. With no vehicle of my own until a month ago limited my life) We talked about this gym when I originally joined, but she never did join. So I was very doubtful that she would call. But lo and behold I got a call from her today!!! Shocked?? Um yeah. I thought it was Cam calling, but it wasn't. So Audrey and I are going to the gym tonight to sign our lives away!! lol I am very excited. I love going to this gym and with the rate, why not? I am motivated to do this and don't need someone to hold my hand to do it.Yay!!

The other thing is my side job. As you know, my main job is my family. They come first. But on the side I sell Partylite. This is something I love. I LOVE candles!! I am obsessed!! So what I really want to do is start booking more shows and get more active in it. I also want to move up in the business by becoming a leader. That is my new goal. I want to offer this opportunity to other people who want free stuff. I want to be able to get more free stuff myself and earn a higher income by getting other people to sign up. How great would that be? It gives me a chance to get out of the house and be able to socialize with people about something that I love to do.

So these are a couple of my goals for the next couple months. I am so excited about both of them, and am determined to get at least a good start on them.