Sunday, September 9, 2007

Venting, how nice it is

So I need to vent. I mean REALLY need to vent!!
Do I have the right to be pissed off?? I sure think so!
What frustrates me the most is knowin that this would happen.
Go out drinking with the boys, fine whatever. But remember we have plans in the morning. But no, let's get so hammered that we are so ill the next day and have to stay in bed otherwise you'll be ill. Pissed off? I should think so.
Don't blame it in who you were drinking with. You were given a voice and a brain of your own for a reason.
Don't get pissed off at me because I'm mad. I didn't make you break promises to me.
Can you just drop it? I'm stupid I know. No you don't know what you put me through!!!
You made me feel embarressed, stupid, inferior amongst other things. When have I ever made you feel this way????
What fun our family day is when you're laying in bed and we're out here. Fun. Yeah right.
Am I supposed to be the bitch who says you can't go out with your family whe I'm not there? Am I supposed to treat you like a little kid and say "no no. I think you've had enough". Do I really need to hold your hand so you'll be responsible??? You're a grown man for pete's sake!!! Act like one!! Own up to it and quit blaming others!! Understand where I am coming from!!
I really don't like being like this, but seriously. It affects more than just you.
An apology would be nice, btu I know that won't happen. You didn't do anything wrong remember??
Screw it. Fend for yourself. I have my girls to look after.
Maybe this time you'll learn.