Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What Are They Thinking??

After reading Kaylee's post here... it brought up another issue that has been bothering me. I really don't understand social services around here. A friend of mine currently has three young girls with her that are in foster care. She has had them for about nine months by now, and could have them for a full year, which is a good thing.

Reently SS were looking into placing these girls back into the parents care. They were having overnight visits and suddenly started coming back with nightmares for the next couple of nights. My friend talked to SS about it and they claimed it was due to night terrors that kids tend to get at that age. If it were night terrors, why would it suddenly happen and always happen after their overnight visits? A little odd don't you think?

This mother is also bipolar. She refuses to take her meds. She beleives that there is nothing wrong with her. The oldest girl is 8 and is scared of going home. Shouldn't that be sounding an alarm??? The mother had to meet with a psychologist for one hour. One hour!! Anyone can lie to someone for one hour!! Since complaints have come up, they've been limited to supervised visits only.

The main thing is if they go back to the parents and the kids get taken away again, they will never be able to have their kids again. They will become permanently placed in foster care until they are 18. This also means that they have a very good chance at being seperated, which is very sad. But I don't beleive these people deserve their kids back. They were taken away in the first place because the mother tried to kill them. She was charged with three counts of attempted murder and was let off all three charges. I beleive that if you tried to kill your kids then you don't deserve them.