Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So can you guess who forgot to take pictures of the appetizers??? Cam!! No, it was me. I got a little busy preparing that I completely forgot!! So that means I will just have to make them again sometime soon!!

My Dad was in an accident on Tuesday. He was T-boned in the back end by a young highschool kid. He was too worried about his exam to realize that he ran a red light. He ended up missing it completely because of the accident anyways. I felt kinda sorry for him though. When Dad was on the phone with Kerry, she could hear his dad yelling at him in the background.

So now Dad has to deal with SGI and figure out what's going to happen to his car. Whether it will be fixed (they're having trouble with parts for the Impala's though) or if it will be written off. The sad thing is, they just bought this car a couple of months ago!! This is their first fairly new vehicle so he's upset about it.

But no one was hurt in the accident. May be some whiplash, but I'm just glad that there was nothing serious. I don't think I could handle my Dad in a hospital anytime soon.