Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I am at the point where I really want and need January to be over. I am so sick of this ridiculously cold weather!! It was -50 celsius today and the schools were still open!! I still didn't send Madison to school. I wasn't about to make her walk or make the other two girls suffer by going out into that weather. It's not like they'd be doing much today anyways.

On Sunday we went to Cam's parents for supper. How stupid of us to forget that a blizzard was starting and didn't head for home until 10:30pm!! Oops. We weren't even going home in the same vehicle (he had to take his buddy's truck back the next day.)It was snowing and blowing so hard on the way home that visibilty was poor and 8" drifts were already forming on the grid roads. We weren't the only ones on the road either. The roads that we travel on are horrible to meet other cars on, especially when you can't see much. Everytime I saw headlights approaching I would cringe. One car missed the side of my van by a foot at the most. How ironic would it be if Cam got in an accident with that truck after his dad just finished fixing it for his buddy after hitting a deer? lol

I'm at the point that my mind is always running from being stuck indoors for way too long. I start thinking about things that should've been long ago forgotten, stupid things that don't deserve a second thought and things that can easily wait until later to think about. But no. My brain thinks that any thought should continue later when I'm in bed trying to sleep. Midnight and still not tired. It's going to be a long night.