Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Weekend

So this weekend we went on a retreat with our church. It wasn't your typical church retreat though. This one was mainly a family getaway for everyone. In the end I'm really glad we went.

It was a very low key thing with the bible studies and everything like that. At least once a day we would sing some songs and only once did we do anything with the bible, which was fine with me. Mainly it was just getting everyone away from the church atmosphere to be able to get to know each other better. Of course we were the only ones under 30 there and with young kids, but we didn't feel out of place due to that. Instead I found myself visiting with people of all ages. Two people I would never have guessed to be visiting with were in their late 60's early 70's. But it was just very interesting conversation and one of them had this really awesome hat that those men usually have.

The girls had so much fun. We barely saw Maddy and Chloe all weekend. They were so busy visiting some of the older kids and bugging Grandma and Grandpa. But one thing that really shocked me was the two people they played with the most... two boys around 14. I was shocked that it was these two boys who paid the most attention to them and not the other girls. But these two boys took them on walks, gave Chloe a piggy back ride, played tag, ate with them and many other things. It was mainly Maddy that we never saw. She was enjoying her company so much that she only ate with us once that whole weekend. But come Sunday when we came home she was sleeping within five minutes of leaving. She had gone on at least three walks a day and was always on the go.

This weekend also gave Cam and I a chance to relax without any set schedule,no tv, no computer. Nothing. Just us and some other people. We went on a few walks, ate every meal with each other, palyed some games and just had the time to sit down and talk. At home our life is so busy that we usually don't get a chance to do all of this, especially with having three young girls. For us to be able to go on a walk by ourselves (sometimes with Mya) and not have to worry about leaving the girls behind and knowing that they're safe was such a nice thing for us. It was a much needed weekend for the both of us. We're both not big into the bible study stuff and don't feel the need to be in these groups, but it was something we were willing to do just to be able to get away and do something like this.

But in the end, everyone in our family had such a great time and a much needed time away. The only thing I could have asked for was not to have a headache the whole time we were there. Headache is now going on to day 4. I usually don't have one longer than a few hours or one that a little advil won't cure. I guess I'll have to see how the rest of the day goes!