Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Dance Recital...

I just found this draft that I had forgotten about, so here it is!!

So the other day when I wrote about my glasses, I had completely forgotten about what I was going to write about... my daughters' dance recital.

So this was Madison's third year of ballet, but her first year in tap. She enjoyed this year just as much as the others and of course new teachers. But this year for some reason she seemed much more excited about it and I think her teachers had a lot to do with it. They both just had such a positive attitude towards everything! After every tap lesson Miss Chelsea would give all of the girls high fives for a job well done. And Miss Dallas was just someone they could openly talk and joke around with. It made her feel more comfortable, especially since she can be more reserved than the other girls.

It was also the first year of ballet for Chloe. She also had Miss Dallas. With it being her very first year and being only 3 years old, she did extremely well. I was actually quite shocked at how well she listened and participated in the dance, but I guess since it's something she loves to do she's willing to take part.

But all in all it was quite and enjoyable day even after the hassel of costumes not being ordered in the right size and all of the other drama that goes with getting these things ready. I just can't wait to see how the video and pictures turn out!!