Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Isn't it amazing how we rely on vehicles these days? I didn't know how much I really depended on mine until I didn't have it anymore. Just recently I have been having major trouble with my van. I couldn't even drive 2km without it overheating!! And no it wasn't low on coolant. First we thought it was the headgasket, but it wasn't. Then we thought it was the heater core, but it wasn't. So that helped narrow it down to the motor. Yay. Haven't even had the van 2.5 years and this is the second motor (the first one went after a month of owning it...luckily it was covered....but it was rebuilt). So here I am stuck.

But on Friday, the father-in-law went to SGI and found us a new van for a steal of a price. So Cam went and checked it out and soon I will be driving a '97 Pontiac Montana. The funny thing is that it's the exact same color of our Venture and we can use the Venture for spare parts. The only thing wrong with the Montana is the front end. The lady who owned it hit a deer.

But back to the relying on cars. I seriously never realized how much I need a vehicle. I had to find a ride for Chloe to get to preschool, a way to get the girls to dance, especially since it was their last two lessons before the recital....and even for me to go to the gym. It has now been 2 weeks since I last had a vehicle and it looks like it will be another two weeks until my new ride is safetied and ready to go. I really can't wait!! It's not fun being stranded out of town and stuck in the house. So when the van is done I will truly appreciate it enjoy my freedom!!