Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Making peace....or so I thought!

So this weekend I thought I'd try and do something new. Try and make peace with someone that I just don't get along with. Got drunk and finally had the nerve to talk things out with this person. Everything went really well, we hugged and made peace....or so I thought.

It is now a few days after that night and I find out it was all a crock of shit. (Too bad, I'm using that word!!) Turns out that she went directly to the person that helped cause this mess and created a whole new mess for everyone involved...especially my little cousin. Now she's being threatened by that other person and it's just gone from a crappy situation to an even worse one. Now I feel bad because I feel that I caused this for her. I also found out other stuff that I didn't even know before.

I had only told two people about our conversation (Hubby and sister) so when I got a text today I was totally shocked that it had gotten back to her already that we had talked. So much for giving the benefit of doubt to her. All trust is forever gone. It's sad but, whatever.