Friday, March 2, 2007

And the doing something for me thing continues....

Well, as you all know from my last post, I joined the ladies gym in Warman. I sucked it up and signed up for 3 months (I know, it sounds like such a short time, but I was able to pay it in full so I don't have to worry about owing money there). I have gone there a few times no and I am loving it!!! Seriously, I've gone to other gyms before, but this is makes it easier to stay commited. There are so many positive things about it that I'm still in awe about how much I like it there!

First of all, there are actual people there to help and support you. They always come around and see how you're doing, if you have any questions and just to talk!! A gym where people actually talk to you and encourage you and where it doesn't feel like a compitition. It is so nice to be able to talk to someone, it makes the time go faster.

They have a playroom for kids with movies and everything!! The bonus is that the girls love going there to play! Already this morning Chloe is asking when I'm going to go exercise so she can go play!! That's encouraging in itself. It saves from having to pay a babysitter and Sandy (she's the woman working when I get there after lunch) will go in and play with Mya for a few minutes to get her playing. The fact that I can take the girls there and have them actually like going makes it easier for me to go during the day. The only problem is that I am attempting to change Mya's nap time because that's the time we go to the gym. It's a little challenging, but working okay so far.

The last thing that really has me encouraged to go is the actual gym itself. It has treadmills, elipticals, weights, etc..... and the circuit. So I get there, ditch the kids, go get changed, then hit the treadmill for about 10 minutes. After that I hit the circuit. This is my first time ever using a circuit, and let me say...I love it!!! It makes it so much easier to get in everything that you should be doing and it helps you be able to do it correctly. When you're working freely at a regular gym, there are so many ways to cheat and do things wrong. These machines actually help prevent you from doing that (and Sandy is always there to tell you "get your elbows up!!"). So this way I know that I am doing things correctly and that I should be able to see results. Well not right away, but eventually.

I'm so excited about doing this that I had to tell the hubby. Of course he was concerned about the expense, but when I told him it was paid for with my splurge money, he was good about it. You know it was nice hearing that he's proud of me for doing it for me. I did it all on my own and didn't wait for anyone to nag me about it. I just couldn't keep it to myself anymore, and why should I? I'm doing something that I want to do and I am enjoying it alot!! I just keep telling him about all of these machines that I've been using and what I'm doing, and it's just great to hear positive feedback.

But I am a little nervous to go today. Today is the day that I think every woman dreads....being wieghed and measured. I really don't want to face the reality about how big I really am (I like the vision in my mind) but I know I have to so I can see results and look back at "how far I've come"......when I actually get there! So it will be worth it in the end.

So, that's my update for now! Still motivated and super excited about my decision!

So I'm off in a few hours to work my butt off again....and hopefully it does just that!!