Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It was nice!!

So this past weekend there was a fundraising dance in our town for the firedepartment. It included a supper, silent auction and a dance, and also a bar that drinks cost only $3!! That's rare now adays for alcohol. But that's besides the point. So on Friday I had drove to meet my cousin half way so I could pick up me other cousin to be my babysitter for the weekend. So that took up all of Friday pretty much, but we came home and had some beers and stayed up until around 1am. In my life that's a pretty late night. Usually we're in bed by midnight. So Saturday we leave for this dance at around 6:30pm. A lot of Cam's family was there so we had some good visits with them (an Aunt in particular shocked me with her take on the family and a cousin who just became engaged!! But that's for another time). Then the dance started and Cam actually danced with me quite a few times during the night. I was impressed. So here I am drinking my vodka and 7's not feeling a thing, even after 10!! That's not me at all!! So the dance ends at 2am and with my cousin stayying over there is no need to rush home, but we decided to go home anyway...but just long enough to get some beer to take to his brothers for a party. So the beer actually hits me and I start feeling drunk. But we didn't end up coming back home until around 6am!! I was so shocked about how late we actually stayd out! The only other time that we have stayed out that late was....at Brad & Laura's party, but we were staying there so it made a difference. I was so proud of us but also disappointed in us because we had made plans at the beginning of the dance to go for lunch at his uncle's for 12:30pm. So there we are going for a visit hung over with 4 hours of sleep. To top that off we still had to drive 1.5 hours to take my cousin home!! It was a long day and we paid for it by going to bed by 9:30 that night. What an intesting night!