Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I really wanted to come back and start blogging again on a happy feel good note, but I just can't do that right now. I just heard some news about my cousin that has shocked me so bad that I'm having trouble getting past the shock of it.

My cousin Kevin has recently been diagnosed with cancer. My family has only heard bits and pieces until yesterday, but here's the story. Back in September he was diagnosed with Chrones disease and skin cancer. He had undergone a couple of surgeries (one removing a mole on his face and the other removing two feet of intestine). Since having the mole removed the cancer has spread. It is in the back of his neck, ribs, spine, liver, pelvis, shoulder blade and can now feel it in his legs. As of three days ago he can no longer walk. He's been doing radiation and starts chemo on the 23rd. He's 32 years old.

I have been praying and crying so much lately that I am drained. My Grandma is now in a bit of a remission (her cancer is currently not spreading which we are all very thankful for) and th the news of this. Kevin is on my Mom's side and neither of his parents families have had a history of cancer.

My cousin Jamie's fiance (Kevin's brother) is putting on a big fundraiser at her work to help them out with the financial part. I just feel very blessed that we have a family that's willing to do this type of thing for him. It really makes you appreciate the family you have a lot more.