Thursday, March 27, 2008


I am going insane! My computer has been in for repairs for the last three and a half weeks!! Me without a computer is not a good thing. I am always on there (as most of you already know!! lol) and I am having a really hard time without it. I miss being able to go on and check out blogs, chat with family and friends, check my e-mail and most of my banking. I live out in a small town, so it makes it so easy to pay my bills through internet banking. Telephone just takes forever and I don't have the patience for it.

So the company policy about repairs is a maximum of 60 days. It's now looking like I'll have to wait those full 60 days. If they can't fix it in that amount of time then I will be getting a new computer which is fine with me except for one thing. All of my pictures are on that computer!! I wasn't able to print all of them off before it quit working and now I'm scared that they are gone forever!!

I just really want to get back on here and be able to keep up with all of my blogging buddies. I hope to be up and running sometime soon and catch up on the millions of posts that I am missing out on!! Take care until then!!