Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Going On A Trip

It's official!! I'm going to BC!!! What a pain in the butt though. It took me over eight hours to finally get flight and bus booked that worked out. We are now leaving at 6:20am tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, a day earier than planned. Turns out that this is the only flight available through air miles until next week. My brother had to take an extra day off of work, but it'll be nice to be out there a day earlier since we're leaving a day early in order to catch the bus.

We are also hoping to go see Kevin in the hospital, but that'll depend on how he's feeling since he starts chemo tomorrow. I guess he was having a really bad day yesterday. Jamie went to go visit him and I guess he barely said two words. So hopefully he's ready for this and knows that his family is there for him.