Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oops! Forgot!

Hello everyone! I finally have time to write on here! I feel like my life has been quite the gong show since spring started. With ball well underway, I find that we barely have time for anything. It's at the point where we have something going every day of the week, especially the weekends. Madison had won a voucher to go see the Saskatchewan Roughriders pre-season game, and we had to ask my brother if he would take the girls because that day just didn't work out for us. I just want this next month to go by fast so I don't have any commitments to things.

Here are a few of the things that we've been up to:

~ball (of course)
~cabaret (which was awesome!! much better band this year!)
~fishing, must get in some practice time before we go to Reindeer Lake in 2 1/2 weeks
~garage sale
~field trips
~trying out the Turbo Sonic x7 and have been loving it!! more details later
~doing hair on the side
~talking with my cousin who's best friend just passed away
~being a ref in the girls fights

One thing that has happened is that I have lost weight and inches!! I am so proud of myself! I'm fitting into my jeans that were very tight in winter, the legs of my pants/shorts aren't tight at all anymore and my bras are all being doneup tighter! But the thing that makes this crappy is that I'm the only one who's noticed any difference (I promise I'm not hinting at anything Laura!!). I haven't used my inhaler at all while playing ball and I find that I can play the full two games without feeing like I'm going to pass out. I really believe that the turbo sonic has helped me with this. It just helps you body absorb more things and helps with your oxygen as well.

I have also found more of a love for my flowerbeds. I have put ore work into them this year than I ever have and it's paying off. Last year I got smart and started putting in perenials and added some more this year. I keep waiting to be able to take a picture, but for some odd reason my flowers keep disappearing (wonder who would be doing that?). So my goals for this summer is to find more things are for me that I like to do, be a healthier me, be outside more and to make sure that my legs get tanned!! I find that my pains aren't nearly as bad as what they were before, which is helping out alot. I found it so hard to be able to do anything before because all of a sudden I would be hurting so bad that I would just go back and veg on the couch until Madison got home from school. But now I'm vowing not to do that and to make sure that I make the most of this beautiful weather while it's here.