Tuesday, June 24, 2008

3 More Days and some drama...

I am getting restless waiting for our fishing trip to Reindeer Lake to come!! In three days we leave!! But with it comes a lot of work that HAS to be done. The girls are leaving tomorrow night so I'll be home by myself Thursday to finish getting Cam and I organized. So now I'm trying like crazy to catch up on laundry and find bathing suits, etc... But I really wanted to get this done yesterday, but then there came compilcations....

On the weekend I found a note under the wiper of the van telling me about the work they'd be doing on my street replacing hydrants and stuff. With that said they continued to tell us that our water would be shut off for three hours starting at 8:00am. So I patiently waited for it to come back on so I could wash clothes and do some dishes... but needless to say it was longer than three hours!! It was more like 6-7!! So that totally squashed my plans and we had ball last night so it couldn't be done. Now is a day to play catch up. Blah.

But on the plusside we had our church picnic on Saturday. We had a lot of fun, played some games, and even put Mya in the three legged race with a little boy...So cute.

Also it was our towns sports days that day. We took the girls on pony rides and other fun events for them. I had to walk with Mya when she was riding and she really seemed to enjoy laughing at me walking through the horse poop. I really didn't mind since I was always around horses growing up and kinda got used to it.

But that was a long enough break I guess. Time to get back to laundry!! I'll post again when we get back next Thursday!!