Monday, February 18, 2008

A Whirl Wind of a Week

This past week and a half has not been in my favor. Last weekend I went to my parents house for a few days to visit. Well, I went there Thursday night and had a low key evening. Friday everything went down hill. I had borrowed my in laws car to use for the weekend since we had people coming to look at our van. Well the keys to the car had been left on my parents kitchen table and two hours later they were gone. Great. What now? Mya is infamous for stealing keys and playing with them ( just a couple of days before that she helped me realize that the panic button on the van keys did indeed work!!) so now the hunt was on. There were four of us adults searching that house for the next three days with out any luck. There was not a single spot left unturned. We searched every shoe, drawer, vent, fishtank, coat we could think of!! Any bag that was left lying on the floor, all the toys and even the simple spots that could be thought of. We just could not find those keys!!

So this is the ironic thing. The Monday before I was out with some friends and my
mother-in-law and were talking about spare sets of keys. I happened to mention that I didn't have a spare set for my van. Right away I got a comment from my MIL saying that I should have one, blah, blah, blah. I know this, but I'm never in a store that does it! So when I lost the keys to their car I at least had the hope that they had a spare set that could be sent down to me to save my hide. But no. They didn't have a spare set. So I got that lecture when she doesn't have one either!! Grr!!

So on Monday morning we had to phone the local Ford dealership to find out if they could cut a key for us there. I had phoned right at 9am so I could get it done and go home. I gave the guys all the information (make and year) and they told me that it wouldn't be a problem to get a key cut. I just had to have the car towed there in order to do it, which was fine. So by 9:15 the tow truck was there ready to take the car for us. So Dad and I followed it up so we could be there for when it was done and to make sure we knew what was going on. As soon as we got there the car was put in the shop and ready to go. But that's where our luck seemed to end. The guy we were talking with (Cory) was new, VERY new!! Suddenly they can't cut they key because the codes to do it for that model are obsolete because it's over 10 years old!!! Why couldn't you tell me this BEFORE I had the car towed up here!?!?? Isn't that why I told you all of that information on the phone???? These kinds of questions came streaming out of Dad & I's mouths like there was no tomorrow. Seriously, how frustrating!!

So now the next step is to find a locksmith that can do it. If he can't then we have to get the whole ignition switched, which will take up to three weeks to get the part. The whole time we were talking to the locksmith, that Cory guy kept screwing up information. He would say the wrong make of car, forget to say that there were two different keys that needed to be cut, etc. So finally I just asked to talk to the guy and get things figured out. By 11:30 the locksmith came to look at the car and gave us the news that he could do it for us. Relief. But it would cost $140. Crap. But he got it done in an hour, and the first thing we did was get a spare set cut.

One thing that kept running through our minds was "as soon as we do this, they'll show up." But they still haven't.