Friday, May 9, 2008

Play Ball!!!

Well ball season has officially begun in this household. Everyone but Mya is playing this year! I can already tell that the next 6-8 weeks are going to be a gong show!! lol

So far our schedule is working out alright. Madison has games on Tuesday and practice on Thursday. Chloe has ball on Wednesdays and Cam and I will mainly play on Monday, Friday and Saturday. But our ball nights usually change from week to week, playing a minimum of two nights a week. We didn't consider how busy we would be for some odd reason! lol

Now the funny things:

Madison is playing on a team with four of her cousins (and they tend to fin trouble)

I am COACHING Chloe's t-ball (luckily they don't ever have games!! I'm new to it too!)

Cam & I play in a Christian league, so no drinking!

At Maddy's first game I had to take Chloe home so she could go to the bathroom (and I had asked her before we left home 20 minutes before!!) and missed Maddy's first time at bat!! She did hit the ball, coach pitches, and thought she should run to third instead of first!!

I love ball season and am really looking forward to it! Get all of our butts in gear and get moving more!