Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mel needs....

Google Game.
So - this is the Google game. You type your name followed by needs into Google and see what you get.

So here it is....

Mel needs:

~a big wet slopppy kiss. (well maybe not a sloppy one please)
~to lighten up on Flickr.
~less passion for the spirit. (hmmm)
~to repair her iPod. (I don't even own one!!)
~a home.
~to trade her Lexus in on a magic carpet. (hehe)
~to focus on herself.

That was fun. The first one that actually came up was another blog site that had dne this, but they chose to ignore most of the Mel ones for some odd reason :)

I found this on Four Leaf Clover's site originally. Check hers out here.