Thursday, October 2, 2008

Are You Still "In Love"??

While I was at work the other day a girl I worked with asked me a question that left me thinking for days after. She was asking whether Cam and I just loved each other or if we were still in love. I knew my answer right away, and yes, I am still in love with my husband. My heart still skips a beat at certain moments and I still get a sparkle in my eye when I think of him. Then we started talking about why she would ask that (she's only 18).

We started talking about how many marriages these days don't last or become just another thing. Or how people just become so used to each other, but there's no spark. It also made me think of many couples I know and how this one "should be simple" question really is something to think about and take seriuosly. It made me stop and think about our relationship and how special it actually is (ahh!!! almost put was!! oopsy lol). I hope that this makes you think of yours and if it helps you at all.