Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Step Forward...

I'm nervous but very excited about this next step that I'm going to take in my life. I had recently discovered that a local store that I love was looking for part-time help. It's something that I've always wanted to do, so how could I possibly pass on this opportunity?

It all started a few weks ago when instead of an e-mail telling me about their awesome specials I got one saying that they were looking for part time workers. I got so excited that within five minutes I had sent in my resume. In less than 24 hours I had received feedback to do the second part of the procedure. It was actually pretty cool. It's 120 questions that help determine parts of your personality. Then the waiting came. I waited for a couple of weeks while she went through the tons of resumes she received. Usually after waiting that long I just assume that I didn't get it, but on Tuesday night I received a call asking me to come for an interview the next day (yesterday). So we met yesterday at 5:30pm and went for coffee. Well we pretty much just sat there talking for an hour and neverreally about my resume or anything like that, which was cool. By the time we were done talking I was 90% sure that I had the job, but still was getting mixed signals. She still had one more person to interview that night and that she'd let me know her decision. But then there were times that I knew I had it, she was asking me what days I would need in the fall, that she was hiring me and one more, and wanting to go back and get the schedule.

Well I got the call about half an hour ago saying that I got the job. It's 2-3 days a week, which is great for me. She wanted me to start tomorrow but then remembered that she wouldn't be there, so I officially start at noon on Saturday. So I will be learning how to do bra fittings and all that goes with it and probably in two weeks I'll be working one of many of the trade shows that they're in.

So now I just have to ready myself. I haven't been able to get ahold of my babysitter to make sure that she still has openings, but I do have a couple of backup plans just incase. I'm nervous because I haven't worked for three years and Mya has never really gone to a babysitter. She has a couple of times, but never a couple of times per week. So it'll be interesting to see the changes that will happen in our house in the next few weeks.

If anyone wants to try that personality quiz let me know! It's so much fun!! It's just a mulitple choice type thing. You'll enjoy it!