Monday, July 21, 2008

Reindeer Lake

I always look forward to our trip up north to go fishing, and every year I never leave dissapointed. No matter how crappy the weather you just can't help but love it there. Every bay you go into feels like a different place and just to see such a different landscape than what we're used to is amazing. So many fish caught, but only a few kept. We went fishing for pike and for lake trout. It was awesome fishing for lake trout (and pike of course, but it was our first time ever trout fishing). They fight so agressively, kinda like a salmon. Because the water is still cold they're only about 5-10 feet deep, but by the end of the month they'll go down to about 40 feet of water. But I tell ya, when they get a couple of feet from the surface that's when the real fight begins. All of a sudden your reel just starts to scream as they're taking your line farther out. These guys just don't give up, they keep fighting until the very end. I usually try to take my own hook out, but these guys are slimy like pike but with smaller heads, and the way that they kept on fighting I could never hold on to the darn things!!

The first night I was shocked by how light it stayed. Te first picture was taken on the dock t 11:00pm!! Our first full day of fishing was absolutely beautiful!! It was such a calm day out that the lake was like glass. I've never seen it so calm (this is a lake that is 162 miles long). But as the days went by it got windier and a little rougher with rain. By the 4th day we were having fun cruisung through 3' waves. At one point we were switching bays and I wasn't informed that it was going to be through the really rough water, so I ended up completely soaked! But that's enough talking, here are some photos for you to enjoy!!