Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Tis that season again

Well welcome back to spring everyone! I know its been here for awhile but now that most of the water has dried up its time to start up all of the sports again.

Madison had her first ever ball practice last night and she had a lot of fun. She has a great arm and can hit a ball pitched to her, but since its her first year of ball she has to start in T-ball, which is fine since she needs to learn how to catch with a ball glove. She knows how to catch, but doesn't really know how to use her glove quite yet. The other thing is because she's always been pitched to, she has to take it back a step and get used to using the T. But it'll be a good thing for her to start at this level, give her the basics to the game.

Then there's Cam and I. We started our slo-pitch on Monday. And I must say I am extremely sore still!!! It's Wednesday morning and it's still tender for me to move certain ways. And no, I am not just being a wimp. When we play ball, we play two games at a time. So after two and a half hours moving in ways you haven't moved for close to a year, you get a little stiff. The other thing is we usually have a couple extra girls and have to take turns. When doing this, you only play about one game in total. We had no extra girls this time. I was backcatcher so that also lead to a lot of squats. Interesting how you think you use your legs, but after doing that many squats its easy to see how little you do!! Also I didn't get any shin splints. But I'm glad for one thing. I have asthma and only had to use my inhaler once!!! I'm very proud of myself for that, especially because I made it home at least three times!! It was a great time and we won both of our games. We play again on Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it.

So here's to a healthy summer!!

An Update....

I know that it has been a little while since I last posted. But I guarentee that there is good reason for it. On Friday I had learned that my Dad has cancer on his right kidney. So here's the story....

So my parents were down on Friday and they said it was because they needed to do some shopping. I knew this was a lie because my sister lives at home and she said there was a doctors appointment booked but no one knew what for. Since they weren't willing to tell me about it I didn't push the subject. They had stopped by just before going into the city and they had stopped by again after it was done. One of the reasons was because they had my new glasses with them. My sister just happened to be here at that time, so my Dad had said that he had a doctors appointment and needed to talk to us. This is never good news for us. He has diabetes and is already taking two needles a day to help control it and also it hasn't even been two years since he had a seven bipass heart surgery. So upon hearing the "I need to talk to you two" needless to say we got very nervous. He had told us that he had gone to see a eurologist that day due to doctor recomendations. He had just been told that he had a cancer spot on his right kidney that was close to 3" in size and that it would need to be removed.

This all started about two months ago for him. At the beginning of the year he had been having some pains in his upper abdomen and they thought it was due to gallstones, so they booked him in for an ultrasound at the beginning of March. At the ultrasound they had seen something on his kidney. From there his doctor booked him in for a catscan. There they had seen that there was definitely something on his right kidney. A week and a half later he had gone to see the eurologist and this is the information that they told him....

They had told him that he had a cancer spot on his right kidney that needed to be removed before it spread to the rest of his body. But because they had caught it in time it hasn't spread to his lymphs or anywhere else except his kidney. So with having the surgery to remove it, he should be cancer free, which is a huge relief to all of us. They also said that his other kidney is in excellent condition so there are no worries there. They'll make four incisions for the operation and the biggest will be about an inch. He'll have to stay in the hospital for four days after and due to his medical history he has a pre-op the week before. After being released from the hospital he'll need to take it easy for about two weeks, but after that it should be like nothing ever happened. The surgery is to be expected to happen within the month.

So there it is in a nut shell about what has been going on with me and also one of the reasons I haven't kept up in my posts. But we're very thankful that it can be removed and it doesn't look like he needs chemo or anything like that. So its been a lot of bad news for my family but some good in there as well.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My Fish

So I went out shopping last night for the first time in a very long time. Madison needed shoes to wear to school and for ball and I ended up buying a couple other pairs for her because they were too cute to pass up. So while shopping I decided to splurge a little and ended up buying some new fish for our tanks... This is what I bought....

First of all I bought Cam another little Golden Dojo Loach. For those who don't know, they look like little water snakes, but they are bottom dwellers. We already have 3 but they're getting so it (most average about 4"). They're really fun to watch and I've grown to like them.

The next thing I bought were a couple of Shubunkin's. In our goldfish tank I felt that we needed a little color, so our new fish are bright orange with flecks of black and white. They're already fitting in and that makes me happy. Last time I bought some comets and I bought them too small so they got eaten in less than 5 hours, so needless to say I'm a little nervous when I add fish to this tank!!

The last type of fish I bought were Gourami's. But these are a special kind. They're called Pink Kissing Gourami's. What caught my eye and sold me on getting these fish are their mouths/lips!!! I've never seen a fish whose lips go out so far!! They're hilarious!! Madison was laughing the whole time because she thought that they were going to kiss each other! "That's gross! Don't kiss him!!" It was so entertaining to watch them that I bought three.

So, those were my adventures of the evening. It was such a good time to just get out of the house and enjoy some time with my girls. It's amazing what buying a few little fish can do for you!!